Record your Audio Autobiography

Document your family history and stories from your life, in your own words and in your own voice. Create an audio record to save for posterity and share with loved ones.

Tell your story

Recording your Audio Autobiography couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple and enjoyable as having a conversation with someone genuinely interested to hear everything you want to share.

Sitting comfortably at home, you’ll be gently guided to talk about your family history, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced, things that bring you joy, or any other topics you’d like to cover.

After you’ve recorded your Audio Autobiography, you’ll receive a recording of the conversation, to save and share with anyone you wish.

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Audio Autobiographies are completely private and delivered to you, in audio format, for your personal use.

Some customers have been kind enough to allow me to pull short video clips from their interviews. You can watch those great moments, from some fascinating Audio Autobiographies, by following the links below.

Audio Autobiographies make great gifts

None of us live forever but our stories can. Gift an Audio Autobiography to a loved one as a way to preserve their voice, their anecdotes and their history for generations to come.

Recording sessions are fun. They provide opportunity to walk down memory lane and connect with a friendly, interested interviewer while reminiscing about old times.

If you’ve always thought about writing an autobiography as a legacy gift for your loved ones, this is your opportunity to record your stories in an easy, conversational way.

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Client reviews

‘Gillian expertly guided me through a series of sequential questions which helped me to put my thoughts in order to tell my tales.

I felt very relaxed talking to her, she made it feel easy. It was like talking to a friend. I am delighted with the recordings.’


‘Gillian herself says she is a good listener and without a doubt, I would agree with that. Her warm northernness certainly did much to allay any nerves and fears… and her encouragement was very real and helpful.’


‘Gillian guided me with certain questions but did not lead me, so I was able to record my own thoughts about events in my family history.

If you want to document some aspects of your family history and are not sure where to start, I would recommend Gillian’s audio recordings ‘


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